EOLv3 beta test 1 - Explore the Site



Using the latest version of the Chrome internet browser, visit https://beta.eol.org

From the homepage or any other page on the site: search for an organism or group that interests you.


What content does EOL have for the organism or group? Are there images? Data records? Taxonomic information? Are you able to access this information? Is it clear how to navigate to this information?


This task is designed to test the basic functionality of the EOLv3 taxon page.

EOLv3 beta test

For Apis mellifera there is a picture but of a flower not a honey bee. Data records are present and am wondering on where those are coming from and would be willing to clean that data. Taxonomic information there and correct. Clear navigation, but still hope the language option of common names will show up. Looks good and keep up the great work!!