EOLv3 beta test 3 - Make a Faceted Search



Using the latest version of the Chrome internet browser, visit the EOLv3 data search page at https://beta.eol.org/terms/search

Search for group of species (a taxonomic group) associated with a particular region or habitat.

Now press the add button, and enter another facet to your search.


Do you know what a faceted search is? What content does EOL present when you submit your search? Does the process for defining your search make sense? Is it clear what the ADD button does?


We want to make the new EOLv3 faceted search facility both easy to use and flexible at the same time.

EOLv3 beta test

Is anyone else finding the CSV downloads don’t open beautifully in excel? It’s possible (nay, easy) to make them nice using the import wizard, but by default, most records are concatenated into one column, and a few broke into three where “SAR (Stramenopiles, Alveolates, Rhizaria)” appeared in the ancestry. I wonder if excel always defaults to commas for .csv, or if it’s something in my version or settings.

Since the separators in the text file are tabs, would it be safer to use a .tsv extension?