EOLv3 beta test



The beta test for the new EOLv3 platform has begun. The goal of the first round of testing is to perform a number of specific tasks, each of which will be linked to from this main post. As new tests become available they will be posted here, so check back from time to time for new things to test.

We will provide additional guidance in this forum. If you have any questions at this point, however, please feel free to ask here.

GOOGLE CHROME ONLY - Please use the latest version of the Google Chrome browser for testing until further notice. Support for additional browsers will be added later on in the beta test.

Why is this?

We are limiting early beta testing to Chrome because cross-browser testing is developmentally expensive - it’s not worth doing it until the design elements are more settled.

TESTS - Please visit any of the following links for threads dedicated to specific beta tasks, and leave feedback related to your experiences in the same thread as the task description.

TEST 1 (12/13/17): Use search to find a taxon page and explore the taxon page.

TEST 2 (12/13/17): Leave a comment on a taxon page.

TEST 3 (12/13/17): Perform a faceted search.