Confused about category , waste of my much time T_T

Eukaryota includes 13 children

  • Amoebozoa
  • Ancyromonadidae
  • Apusomonadidae
  • Archaeplastida (plants)
  • Breviatea
  • CRuMs
  • Cryptista
  • Excavates
  • Haptista
  • Hemimastigophora
  • Opisthokonta
  • SAR (Stramenopiles, Alveolates, Rhizaria)

Why Eukaryota have 13 children ?

Breviatea , Cryptista, Haptista, Ancyromonadida, Apusomonadida ,CRuMs, Archaeplastida . Those are not belong to first children under the Eukaryota.
Some are Class, Phylum or Order .

The same confused problem as NCBI.

Indeed! Tracing the relationships among large taxonomic groups like Eukaryotes is currently very confusing. This is partly because the scientific consensus about which groups are children of which changes frequently as new data are analyzed. Also, there has always been a range of opinion about these relationships among scientists.

Rank information for taxonomic names can be helpful in keeping track of which are children of which, but ranks can also be misleading. Taxonomists began using them many years ago, before we realized how complex the tree of life would turn out to be. There is a pretty good introduction to the difficulties of ranks on their page in wikipedia:
These days, many taxonomic groups have no rank at all.

I found Mammalia is under the Therapsida .???

The Mammalia is Class, the Therapsida is Order …

But the sequence rule is 1. Kingdom 2. Phylum 3. Class 4. Order .


Oh my !!! The species is so large number , and categories by human , not fully nature.

Unavoidable confusing…

I know the problem is not by you.

I have to use wiki for understanding tree.

BTW, I really suggest add category name for every species … We can’t know category name by Therapsida , Mammalia …like this name.

How about " Mammalia Class " , Therapsida Order .

It’s really clear know and learn it for newbie and Pro .

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