/pages route: response structure


Seems the /pages route response has changed. It now has a top level key taxonConcept, that has an array, but the array now has the taxonceptid as an integer, and then the hash of data.

Query: https://eol.org/api/pages/1.0/46578889.json

It seems a bit odd to have the taxonceptid as a value without a key, or is it just me?


That seems odd to me too. It seems sensible to me to have the input value as the key to the taxon concept (which could actually have a different output identifier if e.g. we pass in a synonymous ID)


Glad it’s not just me.


@sckott Not sure if you’ve seen it, but myself and a few others have brought up this issue here: http://discuss.eol.org/t/eol-data-services/236