Where does Traitbank live, wrt API access?


I can’t seem to find the old Traitbank page, though maybe my google foo is off today. Is it gone or still exists?

I see mention of “traits” here https://github.com/EOL/eol_website/blob/master/doc/query-examples.md in the cypher service, but not “traitbank” per se.

Is “traits” here the same as “traitbank”?


Traits are only accessible via cypher, correct? or no?


The “what is TraitBank” page has migrated to: https://eol.org/docs/what-is-eol/traitbank

A redirect from the old URL should be making its way into the site soon.

TraitBank describes the back-end infrastructure that EOL uses to gather, organize and serve biodiversity trait data. Traits can be accessed directly on each taxon page - refer to the data tab - and you see traits in action in the autogen sentence on the taxon overview. You can also search traits using our advanced search facility (which has documentation on the way, @hammockj tells me). There are links to these on the page above.

They are also going to be accessible via cypher.


Thanks for the quick answer @BobCorrigan

Playing with cypher now