About Dynamic Hierarchy 1.1

I downloaded this and loaded into MySQL database.

I noticed the following problems.
It has lots of taxa missing EOLid
Even records with taxonomicStatus=valid have EOLid missing.
Same taxonRank appears twice in a hierarchy
taxon such as Mammalia(class) comes after Therapsida(order),
which is after Sarcopterygii(class) and Mammalia has 4 orders as children.
class and order are repeated in a tree.
Too many Synonym records
taxonomicStatus=synonym records are unnecessary in my opinion.
They do not have parentTaxonID so you can not place them in a hierarchy.
I think you can delete them entirely from this dataset if you don’t bother to place them in the heirarchy.
Canonical name
Canonical names sometimes have " and " at the end of it.
What is the reason for it?

Thanks for your feedback. Yes, the Dynamic Hierarchy file only has EOLids for some of the taxa. This is by design. Not all EOLids are known when this file is generated. You can get the EOLids for all Dynamic Hierarchy taxa from the EOL identifier map: https://opendata.eol.org/dataset/identifier-map

Re: rank inconsistencies. This is due to the fact that the Dynamic Hierarchy is constructed based on several source hierarchies that may use different ranking schemes. We are working on reconciling ranks across source, but this will remain a work in progress for some time.

Synonym records are important for our taxonomic infrastructure. While they don’t have parentNameUsageIDs, they are mapped to acceptedNameUsageIDs. You are welcome to ignore them if they are not useful to you.

“Canonical names sometimes have " and " at the end of it.
What is the reason for it?”

That’s probably an artifact. We’ll clean it up in the next version.

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Thank you.
You helped a lot with EOL idenfier map.
Never knew such data was available.