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I’m interested in downloading the entire EOL dynamic hierarchy as its current form in with all EOLid in place. I downloaded “EOL Dynamic Hierarchy Version 1 with EOL page” but there are lots of records that didn’t have EOLid.

On the related topic, where are the APIs to get hierarchy information from EOL dynamic hierarchy like the “hierarchy_entries” API in EOLv2? Is it coming soon?


Hello! The most up to date file is
EOL Dynamic Hierarchy with landmark taxa. You will still find taxa without EOL IDs. These files are meant for preserving IDs that were already in EOL v2, mapping them to the same taxa in v3. Any taxa without IDs in these files weren’t represented in v2; new IDs have been minted for them in v3, but we haven’t got a download of that yet.

API migration is underway. Data and media content and search APIs are going first. Since hierarchies are handled so differently in v3, we will need to rebuild the more detailed hierarchy searches for v3 from scratch. However, there is a cypher service available in beta which contains the Dynamic Hierarchy as well as all attribute and interactions data. Testers are very welcome! The opendata downloads are recommended for large amounts of data; the Cypher service has not been stress tested yet.

Let me know if any of this is cryptic or anything is still unanswered.