EOL Data services

I’m finally trying to get our system working again (diverted by other projects). I am able to find ITIS taxonomic information, but it appears the hierarchy_entries api never came back up. So… the taxonomic information is associated with pages, but I cannot do things like getting the taxonomic information by taxon_id or find the parent of any given taxonomic entry.

hierarchy_entries should be working; can you paste the query you’re trying in here?

The hierarchy_entries rabbit hole is probably less deep than I thought. To work with the new APIs I am running the test suites for my code and tracking down errors. I was mistaken about the hierarchy_entries always failing. The test suite sometimes assumed that entry ids would remain fixed and it searched by id. When the id does not exist in the current system, I get a 500 (internal error) http return. I am still checking to see if there are other circumstances where I get the error 500 return.

ah, yes, we couldn’t preserve the hierarchy_entry IDs. Keep us posted if you find any other symptoms.

Thanks for your patience, @Natasha! We finally got those files to cooperate. Audio resources are nearly all back in place now.

Hey @hammockj, it definitely seems like something is coming through but I’m not seeing any data objects? Is the fix still in progress, or is there some data that might be missing still?

When looking for images using the following query I get the data objects:

but using the next query I don’t get any:

Sound files are still pretty rare in EOL, certainly for cephalopods! You’ll have the best fishing among birds or singing insects.

But your query is correct! Try 45512044.




Hmm, alright. Definitely seems like it should work. It might be something on our side at the moment, I’ll get back to you if I find any other issues. Thanks!

@hammockj Had a chance to sit and look through the results and our code.
Here’s a sample query we’re trying to do:

It appears that all the data objects are coming through with image mimetypes instead of audio types? I’m not sure if its just this particular search or if there is something wrong there? I believe this is why our query is not displaying any results.

Oh, I see. Thanks, we’ll look into it. In the meantime, you can identify them by a couple of other fields:
“dataType”:“http://purl.org/dc/dcmitype/Sound”, “dataSubtype”:“mp3”

@hammockj I did notice those other pieces so I think we can work with that for now. Thanks again!