EOL classic API down?

The EOL API seems to be non-functional since a few weeks or months back, not sure how long. Any API requests we do simply return a 404 error. Even the API test endpoint returns a 404: https://eol.org/api/ping.json

Would be great if it could be restored since we rely on it in our project.

Thanks for reporting, @Johan_von_Boer ! Yes, it was, during an update in the codebase, but we think we just straightened it back out now. Can you confirm?


Thank you Jen, we can query the API now again, however we are getting a lot of '500 internal server error’s. It seems to occur for about 50% of the requests and it seems quite random.

Yes, sorry about that! We just entered a period of updating our host management and had an unplanned outage yesterday which we’re still cleaning up. We’re expecting to steady the ship over the course of the day, but overall this adventure will probably last a few months. Interrupts should generally be less dramatic than this, though.



Good to know, and thanks again!