500 error when using Search


We automatically fill in fields for the search and it seems something like the following is now giving a 500 error:

I tested it out in browser and it looks like its specifically the ‘filter_by_string=’ portion that causes an error. Additionally, this query would usually return results and doesn’t seem to anymore? If I remove the empty options it does seem to show them:


My thought is that the empty options should just be ignored and still return the results in that second url?


Just curious as well, do you guys have a change log or release notes I could follow?

Thanks for reporting, @Natasha! That empty filter should be ignored now. Let us know if this behavior is still not as expected.

No formal change log, sorry! Changes to the APIs should be very infrequent, but if you do ever want to scan for suspects, it’s nearly all in this repository.


Thanks for the quick fix @hammockj! Everything seems to be back to normal now. Thanks for the repo link as well :+1:

Hello! I’m just following the conversation because I have the same 500 error every time I try to search for something. Both in the upper right button to search and also in the option “try a data search” at the bottom of the main page.

I was wondering if that’s because you were doing some kind of maintenance or something. I noticed it since yesterday.

I appreciate any comments