Media gallery and classic api

Is there any way to get the list of images present in the media gallery for any given page using the classic api? I tried the pages version and set images_per_page to 10 as suggested in the example but the images returned does not match the images in the media gallery. Either the wrong images are returned or the order is not the same. The api call i used were and none of the images returned are in the first page of the media gallery of that page. Is there a setting that I missed or is it not possible with one api call?

I’m sorry, @Dwarfley! You haven’t missed a trick, I’m afraid. The pages API is historic and not in sync with current behavior on the site. We will be updating that service some time in the next year, not that I expect that’s much consolation.
We do have a static file with a somewhat more up to date snapshot of our image display order, if that might help your use case in the meantime: User Generated Content (EOL v2) - image order - It only covers media galleries that were sorted by human curators, but that does include most of the large clade galleries, assuming that is how you prefer to query.

Ok I will check that out, thanks anyways!