The taxize library in R




I was using the taxize library in the R statistical programming language last week - specifically the sci2comm() function, which returns common names from a scientific name. I am now getting NULLs when I was getting answers last week. I suppose it is related to the updated website.

Also all along I have been getting errors like this one:

Using default key: Please get your own API key via use_eol()

How do I get my own API key?


I am no admin but pasting your exact API query would help them on figuring out your problem.

Also check out the new API document.


@woodpusher I’m the taxize maintainer . The EOL functionality in taxize is broken now because the EOL API’s have changed - Some taxize functions I’ll be able to fix, some I wont, or may be able to fix (e.g., the hierarchy_entries API route is gone, but may be coming back EOL Data services )

You can install the development version from github: