Can I download every animal name and brief info about it?

I am trying to improve my Python and want to make a hangman game using every animal name and then tell the person playing something interesting about the animal.

Is it possible to download every animal name and brief info about it?
If not, what is the most I am allowed to download?

Thank you!

Hi, @SpaceAlien ! Thanks for checking. We have a few data services that will provide that kind of thing. In general, we ask that you hit any API at most 1x per second.

When you say “every animal name”, that would be more than a million, most of them with only latin names available, including lots and lots of beetles. If that’s not exactly what you’re after, you can get latin and common names and EOL page IDs for, eg., all the frogs & toads, with a query like this. You’ll need to be registered on the EOL website to access the “download tsv” button for that search interface. You might want to just download some selected animal groups that your players will find interesting.

With an EOL page ID, you can access any of our species level data services. For a fairly consistent bit of text about each, I would recommend the Autogenerated text service, which provides the snippet near the top of each EOL species page.

Let me know if that doesn’t help!


Thank you. I searched on your site and it says “there are 10971 species of mammals” but I still don’t understand how to download that list of names, if I am allowed to.

Can you please explain in detail how to do it? I hit download before but nothing happened. It said it would take a few minutes but even after 1/2 hour nothing happened.

Thanks for any help you can provide.