Article data to Google Sheet/CSV document?

Hello! I’m new here. I want to find a way to organise information of a particular set of animals (80 species) with their descriptions, habitats, distribution, etc (particularly the ‘articles’ section of an animal) onto a CSV. Does anyone have any techniques or is there a particular resource to compile the information, so that it is easily organisable? The ideal situtation would be on Y axis the animal names on X axis ‘description’, ‘habitat’, ‘distribution’, etc.

I’m currently locked out of my collection due to an error, which I understand is being dealt with; however, only fixed in the next few days (opening collection returns ‘interal server error - 500’). So I figured I would ask, while I wait for the fix :slight_smile:

Thank you!

Hi, @Daniel_Ido,

You should have access to your collection now; please let me know if you don’t. If the collection is large and you want to automate that article export, you could try using the collections API followed by the Pages API. That would require a little code, if you’re up for it.