Licensing for Vernacular Names Data


I’m building a project that uses the vernacular-names dataset available at Activity Stream - Vernacular names - Datasets - Is there an associated license for it? The page doesn’t specify one. Or, failing that, is there a preferred way to credit the dataset?

Can vernacualar names be licensed anyway?
(Wikidata did not want to use data without a license, so I like the answer)

I don’t know. Maybe not, but I thought I’d ask anyway.

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Well, it’s been over a week, so I’m guessing the licence isn’t really a big concern.

The project I was working on is available at Tilo: Interactive Tree of Life. I’ve credited EOL in the help section, saying “The images and alternative-names data was partly obtained from the Encyclopedia of Life. Name data was obtained from here, and image metadata from here, accessed 24/04/2022”. (I’d include more links here, but the forum software won’t let me).

Hopefully that’s enough. I’d be happy to change it if asked.

Sorry for the belated reply, @terry06890 . Indeed, we don’t regard common names as copyrightable. In our own platform we name the proximal source (most are from wikidata) but the real provenance chain in most cases would be a long and sometimes branching one.


No worries! Thanks for clearing that up :slightly_smiling_face: