Genome Sequence Data

What about attaching the genome sequence of each organism to their curated record? What are your thoughts on such a possibility?

Providing access to genomic information (and other sequence data) is a good idea. We would most likely accomplish this with links, though, as our data model isn’t designed for molecular data. The first repository we would connect with is probably the Global Genome Biodiversity Network. Do any other resources spring to mind?


Legal question: Would it perhaps be possible to internationally declare nature a possessor of intellectual property? Assigning to that legal entity “Prior Art” authorship of all nature? I’m concerned about the corporate urge to patent existing life forms, that it did NOT design, as their own intellectual property.

Good question! I think that would be a tough sell, considering that IP law varies from country to country already. I believe in some countries they are moving toward individuals (humans, anyway) owning the rights to their own genetic and other biotic information…