Biodiversity Statistics and the MVP

Hi all -

I’m testing out our new forum, so thought I’d pose a question. I’m wondering if we will be presenting the most basic statistics (such as # species in x genus) that can be easily (?) derived from the super-cool new hierarchy? That would be a bonus from the L+E point of view!

I posted this under the category of site feedback because I think biodiversity statistics could improve the website greatly.

Let’s see how this discussion forum works!


I think those sorts of self-aware stats about the dynamic working hierarchy would be one of the most basic sorts of statistics we should be presenting. Have we discussed where in the UI these stats show up, other than the taxon page cover?

I believe we are planning on # of child taxa or (for tip taxa or maybe species and below) number of sister taxa, for MVP. They will be added through TraitBank, so I presume they will show in the cover page trait box. We haven’t yet D&Red “curation tags for traits” that might determine the priority order of traits or what shows up on the cover. I presume something similar to current functionality will do.

No – we haven’t yet discussed it for the UI. Stats did show up in the mock-ups from BA in the middle of the page, but we may want to shift that. We may also want to entice folks with basic stats on the L+E site and then drive them to EOL to dig deeper ---- eventually!

OK – got it! I completely forgot that we were thinking of having them show up as traits at least for the MVP.

A D+R about this sounds good to me. When are we starting those again and will they be at the same time? Friday at 1 PM ET or are we switching them so BA can join?

D&R: Still as needed, and as schedules permit. I think Jeremy needs to work out some things with the dev team before asking stakeholders for more input.

OK. Will wait for next steps.

BTW – why does my first post still have a yellow background? Anyone know? I’ll look at a tutorial at some point!

huh. The tools menu calls it “staff color” and it can be removed and replaced. I can approve of just doing this to the top of a thread. Yellow all the way down might be a bit much.

Oh – I agree. Color for the starting message of a thread. Tooooooo much if it were all the way down! Thanks for checking that out.

I put the yellow background on it :slight_smile: Sorry.

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