What happened to predator prey data?

I’m writing a script that is parsing predator prey data for species by hitting the EOL API, e.g. https://eol.org/api/pages/46508444/pred_prey.json.

This link used to have predator prey information (literally last week!) but today I’m unable to view any predators or prey for the blue crab.

I’m also unable to see any trophic webs when I click around on different species’ profiles on eol.org.

Is this a bug, or is it a permanent change?

Or if somebody could point me to how I could get to this data from the downloadable datasets, that would be great too.

Apologies, @cteng! It’s temporary. We found the updates of that dataset were not cleaning up properly, leaving some ghost records, so we’re doing a complete delete and re-import of Global Biotic interactions, our associations data provider. It’s taking longer than expected.

Their dataset, distilled down to species level for our use, is at Global Biotic Interactions - GloBI, the associations resource - OpenData.eol.org (use the Go to resource link) . If you’re interested in occurrence-level data, (far more voluminous) you can get that directly at GloBI.



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