Card maker problem

Search for species or taxon part of the card maker doesn’t work, I get stuck at the unending loading wheel every time I enter a species.


Thanks for reporting, @Gerald_Soliven. I’m trying to reproduce the problem. Can you confirm:

You were at

You typed something in the search box

You hit enter? Or possibly the dropdown options appeared and you selected one?

Standing by,


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Im having the exact same problem. I’ve been trying for the past month to use it to no avail.

I typed something in the search box, “bombus”, hit enter, and nothing.

Tried dropdown options, nothing.

Pressed the search button instead of hitting enter, same thing.

Edit: Even tried chrome instead of firefox. It does not work.

I tried using another computer in a library, just to see if it’s my computer’s or my connection’s problem, and it still didn’t work. Help, please? :frowning:

Hey, sorry to insist, but today I tried using vpn, and got nothing. I’d really like this to be fixed, it was a great tool and it’s been a few months without being able to use it. Please.

@Ariaishere1, @Gerald_Soliven sorry for the delay! I finally managed to understand what you were trying to report.

For posterity, it was this security issue.

Please advise if you have any further trouble creating decks.


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it works perfectly!!!

thank you so much!!!

Once again, its not loading. This time nothing in the page loads :frowning: @hammockj

Thanks for reporting, @Ariaishere1. That server was filling up with accidental storage, but no longer! The cardmaker should load for you now.