How do I report an error?


I could not find any convenient way to report an error.

At 28823962 subclass Polypodiidae (ferns) the image shows a shell (probably from family Polypodiidae).

As long as this picture shows English Wiktionary will not link to the EoL page, preferring Tree of Life, NCBI, ITIS, APWeb, Tropicos, Fossilworks, as well as Wikipedia, Wikispecies, and WikiCommons.


Sorry for this delayed reply, @Dennis_During! I must have missed a notification; it looks like someone has curated this page- or possibly the offending resource file- since your message. Please let me know if there is still a problem with this page.



I still wonder about exactly to efficiently report what I believe to be an error. I regularly link Wiktionary articles to EoL pages and am interested in the link not being to a page with an error, especially an.obvious one. I’d like to think that I was just one of many such users aiding EoL’s curators.