Way to edit? Incorrect information needing correction

I don’t know if you can edit yourself. I don’t know much about EOL other than I think it’s a cool site I visit from time to time. An issue I noticed is for the family Chromodorididae it says “snail” rather than “slug.” They are sea slugs of the Nudibranchia order. This also extends to the genera and the species too. There should be correction of this as they are not snails. I’d edit it myself if I knew how.

You’re quite right that all the Chromodorids are shell-less, and slugs would be more descriptive, though the descriptor “snails” also applies, as all slugs are snails.

EOL content is aggregated from many providers and the summary text on a taxon page is generated from several places in our database. The sentence you mention is from the taxonomic classification and provides only a broad clade- a class or phylum, usually- just to give you an idea where you are in the tree of life. I don’t think the word “slug” ever appears in a summary sentence; shells were lost (or drastically reduced) about thirty times in the Gastropoda that we know of, so many different snail groups can be described as slugs. It is more useful as an anatomical descriptor than a phylogenetic one. Still, since we have the data available, it would be nice to make it more prominent. I’ll put shell presence/absence on the to do list to be incorporated into the summary text.

Thanks for pointing that out!


Oh, I did not know this. Thank you for this. I am glad to have bettered my knowledge!

Thanks again for chiming in! I look forward to bettering our clarity :slight_smile: