It would be helpful if this superrosids page and those hierarchies above (and below) included a very few words on what characteristic(s) make an organism so. For example the Tracheophyta entry has ‘vasulcar plants’. I could see Spermatophytes having ‘seed-bearing plants’, etc. Just for those of us that don’t use these terms regularly don’t have to look them up.

Another thing - under Eukaryota it states: “Eukaryota (Eukaryotes) is a group of creatures”. Yet later on: “They includes groups like Excavates, Plants, and Amoebas.” Again, explaining that eukariotes are organisms that have a nucleus with a nuclear membrane such as plants, creatures, etc would be much clearer.

thanks, Phil

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Thanks for the input, Phil. Our summary information comes from third party open access sources. We’ve been concentrating on species level information. I’ll look around for some sources to supplement the common names and basic characteristics of larger clades.


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Thanks, I know this is never ending…