I would like to contribute in Localization

This site is great. I would like to localize this site for Japanese users, firstly the system (I am not so much a life scientist to translate the contents). How should I start?

Hello and welcome, @norara!

Yes, please! Our translators work through the translatewiki project. You can register as a translator at https://translatewiki.net/, and then you can find text for EOL needing Japanese at


We enable a new language when 75% of the text is translated. Someone has done a little bit of Japanese already. Please invite your friends if you think they’d like to help. Many hands make light work :slight_smile:

Please let us know if you have any trouble getting started. It would be great to enable Japanese navigation on the site.

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Thanks! Nice tool.
I am skipping quite a lot of texts since I am not sure of their context. Are there any way to see where the text is used in the original site? (some can be found according to the first line like “EOL:Website-footer.eol is hosted by/ja” but some are not descriptive to me…any other hints?)

It is definitely fine to pick and choose! Neglected text may be a hint to us that our English term is not very descriptive. I wish we had a map to where the navigational text appears on the site; sometimes I don’t remember the context myself.

One segment of the texts has a particular resource available: toward the bottom, beginning with “body length”, are about 100 terms that appear in our glossary, so you can look them up if they’re ambiguous.