EOL Finnish translations have not got enabled

I myself (User:Moj at translatewiki) have recently translated quite a lot EOL messages to Finnish at translatewiki. As this page states, Finnish is now about 55 % complete. There is a said “A language gets enabled on the main website when it is 45% translated or more” and Finnish translations have been 45+% since 18 January (per this and all later versions of that page). But so far Finnish have not got enabled. Why?

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Thanks for the reminder, @MoJ ! New languages are only added when we perform a code update to the website, which only happens every few weeks, but there hasn’t been a new language ready for quite awhile; if you hadn’t asked, we might not have noticed. The update was made this morning.


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Hi again. When are you going to update new translations made after Finnish last time got disabled from localization? As an example this and hundreds of other translations are not showing on the localization of the website. I have to remind you of this because I’m veeeryyy impatient and excited to see these updated! :grin: :joy:

@hammockj is this so that you haven’t made any single code update since Finnish localization came back to eol.org or why there is only those old Finnish translations and none of these hundreds of translations I have made during last 3 months? Please update these as soon as possible, I have now totally lost my motivation to translate any more as there is hundreds of translations done but not showing.

I’m sorry I missed your message last week, @MoJ. I thought until just now that the Finnish instance was working as expected. Our new activation of Finnish must not have used the up to date translation file. Hang in there; we’ll find the bit of process that fell out of sync and get it back up to date.

More soon,


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Thanks for your patience, @MoJ ; I think we’re caught up properly now. Is this more like it?

We push new code updates from our testing instance to the live production instance once every three or four weeks, so we should be keeping up with you at that interval now that we’re looking for the right translation files. Thanks again for reporting!


Yes it is, finally! Thanks a lot :heart:

(There is one question, of what I have been wondering time to time, and I think you may be interested in this: why does translations of glossaries (as example this) exist when none of them is showing in none of the languages the site has been translated? This occurs also in zh-CN, which is 99% complete.)

Oh! It’s very deceptive that the glossary page has the language menu available, and the header in translation, isn’t it? We should really put a disclaimer there. You’ll have noticed that only the term names are in translatewiki, not the definitions. (Well, they are displayed as supplementary information, but not for translation.) We weren’t sure if we were justified in asking the community for the additional work, considering that most visitors to EOL don’t look at term definitions. So the best we could do in the glossary would be to display the term names in the selected language with definitions in English. That doesn’t seem useful, but certainly there should be an explanation on the glossary page…

Oh, now I realize that my yesterday comment was quite an ambiguous, sorry for that. What I tried to say with it is that none of the translations of glossary names are not showing. They are translatable in translatewiki.net and part of them are translated there long time ago but still showing in English in site localization. As an example this German translation (BTW, old good “Deutsch” have mystically changed to label “Englisch” in language menu without any reason that I could see) exist but still there is “male and hermaphrodite” and all other English names in this list.

thanks, my issue has been fixed.