Link to create new discuss page topic from article page to report errors or problems?


I just reported a problem with a page on the EOL site and noticed that there is no easy way to report page problems from the page itself.

I think it would be a good idea to have a button or link on each page that allowed people to one-click to report page problems. Perhaps a link could be included on the page “template” to link to either create or add to a discus thread for each page topic. This would to allow for easy reporting of page problems.

I apologise if there is already a mechanism to do this from the EOL pages but I couldn’t find it.


Sorry, Slade! We once had that functionality with this platform, but it was hard to keep it working through updates to the software on either the forum or the website, so it’s been deactivated. There are actually very few threads related to particular pages, so as long as you mention the page by taxon name or url in your thread we should be able to keep it straight.


I know of several hundred pages that need to be fixed per Unresolved synonyms. What’s the best way to flag those for fixing?