Small bug leading to 404 page not found

Repro steps:

  1. Go to a page in the docs section, like
  2. Click on the EOL logo at the top left corner and then on About. You will be redirected to which does not exist:

It seems to be more widespread than I thought. Here I have the issue again (but pointing to another URL):

Thanks for reporting, @jffaust . Sorry for the slow response. Looks like something was hardcoded and imperfectly at that. I am having trouble reproducing your second symptom. Is that from Encyclopedia of Life , selecting “Disuss” from the menu, or have I misinterpreted?

Thanks again,


No worries for the slow response :slight_smile:

The second post is indeed happening on My last screenshot was a bit confusing because the “Discuss” link was highlighted but what I really wanted to show was the HTML of the “About” link. Here it is (tested again today)

<a href="/docs/discover/what-is-eol">About</a>

Basically, there’s an extra /discover in the href.