Missing taxa in hierarchy


I have been exploring the new EOL for a while and I find a lot of taxa seem to be missing from the Dynamic Hierarchy. For example there are entries for a number of Plasmodium species but not the genus or important species like vivax and falciparum. Also missing are fossil genera like Australopithecus and Iguanodon. Can I assume that as work progresses these and others I haven’t thought of yet will be added?


Hang in there, @dhricenak; we don’t have the classification from PaleoDB in yet. That should provide both your missing vertebrates. I’m not sure why Plasmodium was neglected, but its children are in our default (native) hierarchy and the next draft of that should be out in January, so I’d expect it then. Yes, the work is ongoing both in our group, and among the classification providers we sync to for various branches of our hierarchy.