Neohirasea japonica in middle america

I saw and photographed what looks very much to my eyes like a Japanese and Southeast Asian critter.
Not trying to imply anything untoward and would love to be corrected, but if I am not mistaken, I photographed a Neohirasea Japonica stick insect in an old growth forest on a fairly cold day in eastern Iowa.
It was on a dead ash tree that was heavily fruited with enokitake mushrooms here called velvet foot mushrooms.
Am I mistaken?

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How lovely! I do see the resemblance but, without any specialized knowledge on my part, I think it could also be one of our native Diapheromera, possibly D. femorata? The best way to access expert opinion is to post your photo as an observation on . Phasmida are very well known there; there are more than 5000 people around the world identifying them on that platform.

Good luck!