New Species Alerts!


I’m starting a thread of new species descriptions and discoveries. Here’s a fun one to start things off:

“The team which discovered the mollusc has named it Gastrocopta sharae, after Shar, the goddess of darkness, caverns and secrets in Dungeons & Dragons.” :sunglasses:

Cheers, Deniz


And another recent discovery:

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Cheers, Deniz


Harryplax severus :zap:

Cheers, Deniz

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In Cuba there is a scientist named Ernesto Moreno Garcia has found new species in the depths of natural caves. This is in the area of Holguin province. Their findings are very interesting and they have a very high importance. Sometimes in the encounter of new species this is the solution for our problems, such as diseases and cures


Very cool, more Harry Potter species to go along with Dracorex Hogwartsia! :smile: :stuck_out_tongue: