Rupicola peruvianus overview page bug

A little bug report. In the Andean Cock Of The Rock overview page, it wrongfully states that this South American native species is endemic to Australia! And that part of its geographic distribution includes the United States.

The same bug for the Rupicola peruvianus sanguinolentus.

Thanks for reporting, @luisanbarreat ! It looks like we have two homonyms we need to separate at the genus level. Rupicola is also used for a genus of plants. This will take some sorting out…


OK, we’re starting to get the data sorted out, though more datasets will have to be re-imported to get the right content sent to the right page (notably, the common name!).

Here is the plant and here is the bird.

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Oh, didn’t knew that, glad you are sorting it out. Thank you Jen!