Randia Bernieridae (bird) and Randia Rubiaceae (plant)

The entry for genus Randia confounds the bird species (names, 2 images, fossil info?) with the plants species (many images, including the one on the genus page itself

Thanks for reporting, @Dennis_During! It looks like our iNaturalist resource mapped there by mistake. Unusual; iNat usually name-matches well to EOL. We’ll investigate.


If you keep on responding quickly. I won’t have to remove links from Wiktionary to EoL. I’ll look through the cases where duplication of genus names among ICZN, ICN, LPSN, and ICTV(?) appears in Wiktionary. Wikispecies would have more.

Yes, there should be lists out there of homonym pairs. Thanks for prowling! With large image providers it may take us awhile to get them remapped, but we can usually at least select a better image to display up front, and put the homonym remappings on the to do list.


I’ll get you the ones that matter to Wiktionary in due course…