Threskiornis Extinct? states that the Threskiornis genus has a Conservation Status of Extinct. I just had an “extinct” Australian Ibis fly over my house! :grin:

Thanks for reporting, @theloneibis ! Looks like a taxon mapping problem. The late lamented Threskiornis solitarius was mapped to its genus by our harvest script , in our last IUCN import. I wonder why… The species name is present and correct in our classification, and the rank is specified. We’ll need to investigate why the code permitted this, but in the meantime we can explicitly map that species in the import file and update IUCN.

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Thanks again, @theloneibis , for that report. We’ve enriched the taxonomic data in the IUCN resource and remapped it, and the Threskiornis page and five others have been brought back to life!


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There was one in our front garden this morning. I’m sure it will be happy to know this! :grin: