Task about hierarchy of Holomycota

Hello evryone. Is there any difference between Zoosporia and Opisthosporidia or we can use it as synonyms?

Opisthosporidia is a superphylum proposed by Karpov et al. 2014 containing Aphelida, Cryptomycota (Rozellida), and Microsporidia. Karpov et al. 2014 considered it to be a sister group of the true fungi, however, it was subsequently recognized by Adl et al. 2019 as a subgroup of fungi. See discussion in Adl et al. 2019 regarding uncertainties about the exact placement and monophyly of Opisthosporidia.

Zoosporia is sometimes used to refer to the parent node of Opisthosporidia and true fungi, but if Opisthosporidia are contained within fungi, the term becomes obsolete.

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