Aequorea victoria

I noticed that the preferred Dutch name of the species: Aequorea victoria is: ‘Lampenkapje’

This is incorrect. ‘Lampekapje’ is the Dutch name of the species: Aequorea vitrina

The correct Dutch name of the species Aquorea victoria is: ‘Kristalkwal’

thanks for reporting, @deroderuiter! I’ve passed that on to the names provider. It looks like they do have the Aequorea vitrina name in place. It will probably take some time for the update to propagate back to us.



What is the name provider? Wikidata?

The name provider is:

The URL I sent you also has the incorrect Dutch name. I think that all the wrong names come from one source. The species ‘Aequorea victoria’ and ‘Aequorea vitrina’ seems to be mixed up everywhere on the internet. The only source with the correct name I have found so far is:

The only reliable source I found is National Geographic. They use the correct Dutch name, but the article is in Dutch:

Alas, that is often the way with common names; these confounded taxa do propagate on the internet. We haven’t been able to recruit NG as a data provider since their terms of use policies don’t support redistribution- but hopefully will be able to make the correction.