Disappointed with new lay out


The old lay out was great to help with identification - a page full of pictures that one could quickly scan through through. Today I find fewer pictures on a page and many more pages to go through. My favourite, easy to use, identification site has become a nightmare. Please give the option to switch back to the old layout. Roger


Hello, Roger,

Could you please clarify- you’d prefer for more images to show on one page of a media tab? How many would be ideal for you? We have had to make some tradeoffs to make sure pages load at a reasonable speed.



Agree not happy with the new site. This was a very useful resource but is sadly no more so.

I’m seeing 6x4 (24) images on a page, which is OK by me, however some are very poor quality and shouldn’t be there, for example


Images 4, 5, 6, 13, 15, 16, 17 the bird is so small, and there are far better examples shown.

There are arrows to scan through the images, if you look at image 3 above it shows clearly, whereas in image 2 it can’t be seen at all. They also display too small.

The old site would list the names clearly (latin, English, whatever) is a readable format. The new site (example above) has the common names spread over three sparsely populated screens. The latin name structure is then below this but doesn’t list the other ’ Oenanthe’ species as the previous site did.

Using https://eol.org/pages/45511011/data as an example

latitude 54.033 degrees (min) How can those decimal places be justified, and along with the max value and the longitude take up half a screen on what should be one line.

onset of fertility 365 days (female) Err that’s (exactly) one year, so 365 days after hatching she’s fertile, then has to find a mate, a nest site, lay, sit and hatch so the next generation is now a month later, and the following generation will be two months later. I don’t think so! Breeding at one year is all that’s required.

total life span 10.1 years (max) Another computer generated number. I bet there’s one that made it to 10.2 years

And once again the data is very thinly spread over the pages


The new layout sucks!!!

It was really great site and i was proud to give it to friends and colleagues but now it really sucks. More clicks, common names has changed and some are wrong like Vulpes vulpes, which the official common name is red fox but now it’s saying black fox, and many more mistakes without being able to curate this.

At least give us back the old layout. This sucks in any way. Sorry for using that language but still is soft compared to what really is this upgrade.