Identifiers.csv (EOL v2) is missing a header

If I download identifiers.csv from, the file doesn’t have a csv header line. i.e. it starts with:


This in turn causes parsing issues with typical csv readers that expect a header in order to expose the fields by name.

Is this expected?


In addition, it appears to have some incorrectly formatted lines, e.g.

45126256,"NAM_lóbulo olfatorio (olfatory lobe)\"",433,1,"Animalia"

Note the \"" at the end of the second field, which throws off some parsers. They end up getting NAM_lóbulo olfatorio (olfatory lobe)\",433,1,Animalia" as the value for the second field (and nothing for the following fields).

I ended up finding an alternate download location which fixes those issues (details here). But ideally the link above should be fixed as well.

Thanks for reporting, @davidebbo ! The keeper of that data export is investigating. The first word back may be in our general gitter room

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Great, didn’t know about the room. I’ll follow the discussion there, thanks!

For the record, for anyone who finds this thread later: is the up to date link. Sorry I didn’t notice you were trying the old one!

Oh I see. The old link came from OneZoom docs. I opened Point to the correct EoL download by davidebbo · Pull Request #617 · OneZoom/OZtree · GitHub to get it updated to this one.

Thanks, I think we can call this one solved.