Turret Spider reclassification


The turret spider has evidently been moved from:

Antrodiaetus riversi

Atypoides riversi

Don’t know whether there is a better authority, but these agree on the reclassification.

World Spider Catalog: NMBE - World Spider Catalog

Wikipedia and iNaturalist also agree that it’s Atypoides, but I wasn’t allowed to include those links because noob

Thanks, there may be some delay, but the EOL classification will automatically catch up with the World Spider Catalog.

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Great! Thanks.

By automatically, do you mean software or some overworked individual has to do it by hand. It’s been almost 2 years since the WSC was updated.

We get the WSC data from Catalogue of Life, so we depend on them updating WSC first. It’s currently a semi-automated process, so it usually takes us a while to catch up.

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What, if any, kind of error-correction help can users provide that isn’t duplicative of the slow semi-automated process?