What happened to the EOL media links?



My site BioNames links to lots of EOL images, e.g. http://bionames.org/taxa/gbif/4656474 With EOL 3 these links have all broken, fo example http://media.eol.org/content/2012/04/05/00/45076_88_88.jpg no longer exists. Is there a mapping between the old EOL image URLs and the new ones that I can use to restore images to BioNames?


Hi, @rdmpage,

For deep linking to image files we don’t recommend EOL media URLs. They’re still not promised to be stable.

You might try your luck with the media URLs of the providers; most media are still present there. That’ll take work, but the last re-mapper I spoke with managed using the v2 archive. That may not work in this case. I think you don’t have any other data fields you might have used to map from?

Were the image selections curated, or is it an option to re-load images from the EOL Pages API? If so, you might be better served once we have published a mapping of EOL taxon IDs to major classification providers. We preserved as many taxon IDs as we could, but we were collapsing 6M unresolved names from v2. API users so far have found ~20% misses if they try the Pages API from v2 taxon IDs. There may not be that much harm in trying it in your case, though. Misses will remain unresolved; they won’t map to other taxa.



@hammockj Pity, as this was the one major use I made of EOL (e.g., as a source of images for http://bionames.org ). Looks like I’ll have to switch that feature off :disappointed: