Photo on EOL page

Hello all. I’ve seen this photo on EOL : [Leegaardiellina ] (
Could I use it to illustrate a Wikipedia page?

Where can I find the meaning of the different legend ? IPk of IPZ, EPZ, EPK, Ma, k etc… ?
Thanks for your answer

If you can send me the url of the taxon page, I can direct you to the image detail page of the image, which should provide you with context and provenance, including license information and owner. :slight_smile:

Thanks for answer. Here is th URL of the taxon page Leegaardiellidae family

Ah, I see it. I’m afraid the owner did not provide the legend definitions that you’re looking for, but all the details we have are in this detail page. It looks like the home website of the image is no longer available, but you might try searching for the creator or contacting his institution for more information. The license for the image, as you can see, is cc-by-nc-sa-3.0. Wikipedia should have policy documentation indicating whether this will work for your purpose. If the license doesn’t meet your needs, you might still seek permission from the creator if you reach him.

Good luck!